Pet Stains and Odors


How To Remove Urine Stains and Carpet Odor Removal


how to remove urine stains colorado springs carpet cleaning

How to remove urine stains – the problem you don’t want to talk about.

No one wants to say it out loud. Of course, you love your pets, they are family, after all. But that accident he had on your carpet is a constant reminder that you did not get to the door fast enough. Whether you are training a puppy to go outside or that new kitty to use the litter box – accidents are just a part of the process. Whether it’s the dirt they tracked in on the carpet or the dribble – you need someone to help you by removing pet stains completely.

You don’t want your friends smell that odor when they arrive for your dinner party or the weekly card game. Carpet odor removal is something that needs to be addressed soon. What will you do?


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The over the counter sprays that are supposed to do the job are disappointing, at best. After you applied the foam and then vacuumed – the stain remained. Placing a throw rug over the carpet isn’t the answer, the stain is in a place that makes that impossible to camouflage the problem – you need a pet stain remover professional who really knows how to remove urine stains. And wouldn’t it be nice to find one who is effective in carpet odor removal as well?

This is precisely where we come in. No need to buy those products that won’t really do the job. Place one phone call to Colorado Springs Carpet Cleaning and we will get to work. We know how to remove urine stains. We will take care of the pet stain cleaning. Carpet odor removal is another one of our areas of expertise!

The treatments that work in our home will also work in yours.

Pet stain cleaning and pet odor removal – no longer an issue in your home

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